Shrink Government: It’s Too Big! by Archie Richards, Jr.

Shrink Government: It’s Too Big! details how government is the worst and most expensive way to do almost anything.
The book calls for the nation’s government sector to be reduced from 40% of the GDP to less than 5%.
The book received a prize from Pacific Books – best in the field of politics in 2024.

Here are some of the book’s nitty-gritty:
• Why cataclysmic climate-change and American racism are nonsense.
• The purpose of the Covid lockdowns.
• Why the media is so liberal.
• How to resolve the debt crisis with minimum stress.
• How to make healthcare considerably cheaper as well as better.
• Why human beings are an endangered species.
• How to advance peace realistically.
• Key causes of World War II in Europe.
• Numerous ways that well-known government policies hurt the poor.

Without mentioning Friedrich Hayek, the book explains clearly why the efforts of the Federal Reserve Bank and the World Economic Forum are sure to fail.


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