Shrink Government: It’s Too Big! by Archie Richards

Government consumes wealth, creates no wealth, and inhibits the creation of wealth. It thus makes money less and less available.

Government’s primary objective is to get bigger and more powerful. To achieve this, it identifies more and more problems to solve.

Government thus has less and less money to solve more and more problems. National dysfunction results, especially among the poor.

Government also creates crises, including the lockdowns, global warming, and racism, to increase its powers.

Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. Unintentionally, it causes poverty.

With government greatly diminished, the income of most people would rise and the gap between rich and poor would narrow.

With government reduced and tax rates low and flat, the rich would step up to handle welfare needs, cutting costs and improving results.

With few exceptions, government is the worst and most expensive way to do anything.


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