Kevin Wayne Johnson

Kevin Wayne Johnson

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

As Founder and Chief Executive of The Johnson Leadership Group LLC, Kevin provides organizations, and the people who work within them, with the tools to forge effective personnel and interpersonal communication. He delivers training on the elements of dynamic relationships, to equip teams with the attitudes and attributes needed to develop individuals into leaders. He does so through motivating workshops, seminars, insightful keynote speeches and compassionate coaching, all to encourage personal and professional growth. He is a John Maxwell Team certified trainer, coach, mentor and speaker, and an active member of the International Coaching Federation. Kevin enjoyed a 34-year career (retired) in government and private industry as a senior level leader. A native of Richmond, Virginia, he earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from Virginia Commonwealth University. Kevin is an ordained minister by the Church of God Ministries, Incorporated, Anderson, IN, and has held multiple leadership positions at the local, regional, national and international levels, including Senior Pastor. His best-selling book series – Give God the Glory! – earned 19 literary awards from 2001 to 2013 and book #1 in the Leadership with a Servant’s Heart series was a 2-time new release best-seller and earned 9 literary awards in 2020 and 2021. Since 2009, he has served as co-host of the Christian Authors on Tour radio show on Blog Talk Radio and currently shares leadership tips twice per month on the Words of Wisdom Champion podcast that is distributed by Elite Conversation Media. He has been married to his wife Gail for 29 years, they live in Clarksville, Maryland, and from their union raised three sons.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

Leadership with a Servant’s Heart series of non-fiction books. I am on a mission to create leaders of excellence at all levels.

Do you have any unusual writing habits?


What authors, or books have influenced you?

Dr. Myles Munroe – “Understanding Your Potential”

What are you working on now?

Leadership with a Servant’s Heart – book #3, and Servant Leadership on-line courses to be distributed globally

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?

In-person events, radio and TV

Which Websites you like most to promote your book

None in particular

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Network, network network!

What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Write continuously. Getting started is the only way to finish any book project.

What are you reading now?

The Successful Speaker: Five Steps for Booking Gigs, Getting Paid and Building Your Platform, by Grant Baldwin

What’s next for you as a writer?

Already stated, plus global travel in 2023 to Amsterdam Netherlands and Kehancha Kenya to develop more leaders

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring?

A group of books from my own portfolio since I have written 20 as a principal and contributing author. It’s a time to reflect on my own writings over the past 20 years.

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