Chicago Jihad by Garry Hamud

Afghan immigrants after USA evacuation find Chicago more dangerous than Kabul, suffer from city’s horrible, constant, violent crime, must take action to safe themselves and the city, followed by Jihad, urban warfare, with main character, Rashid elected Mayor of the City, with support of the people, even Democrats and Communists, bring peace, love, and happiness to the otherwise violent, dying city. (Note: 1: Twitter suspended my Chicago Jihad account, censored the book, 2: It is a good book, great for film or video game – if you can help, you will share, 3: I know sell it on amazon, my printing was too costly, Chicago Jihad, by Garry Hamud, is available on Amazon, electronic and printed. I also have a few print copies I can sell, can order more, but will take 2 weeks. Do you have Amazon over there? Pls advise.


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