Conceptus by Brian Herskowitz

Laura Drummond was brutally attacked and left for dead when she was just 14 years old. Now, twenty-four years later, she’s a homicide detective for the Columbus, Ohio, police department. Laura spends her days working her case files and her nights at a bar called Griff’s. Laura’s not only a cop, and she’s a badass. Tough as nails, a military veteran, a martial artist, a runner, but when it comes to relationships, she prefers casual sex to commitment, until she meets a beautiful real estate agent named Sharon who might just change everything.

Laura and Sharon’s budding romance is interrupted when a young college co-ed is murdered, and the m.o. matches the assault Laura suffered as a teen. Shortly after that, a second victim is killed in the same way. It’s clear to Laura that there is a serial killer on the loose in Columbus. Laura has to use all of her skills to uncover the truth.

As Laura investigates, she finds almost incomprehensible connections to her past. Will she be able to confront what happened to her to catch a killer?

Conceptus is the first book in the Laura Drummond Mystery series with richly drawn characters and fast-paced action.


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