Consuming Fire: A Plastic Surgeon’s Desire by Crystal Mary Lindsey

God, who is a Consuming Fire, ignites the passion within this dedicated surgeon, compelling him to devote his life to healing body, soul, and spirit.
As a Charismatic specialist, he captivates the attention of many, yet only a select few truly know him.
When he encounters Sage, a spirited and quick-witted nurse, his world is turned upside down as she playfully confounds his thoughts and leads him on a whimsical and occasionally hilarious pursuit.
Sage, seeking a fresh start, finds herself drawn into a new life direction when she joins the practice of this handsome reconstructive surgeon. The stable five-day workweek allows her the freedom to nurture a vibrant social life without the constraints of shift work.
Dr. StClair remains an enigma to his patients, maintaining a professional distance that only adds to his allure. Despite the attempts of numerous women, he keeps everyone at arm’s length, scarred by the pain of his failed marriage. His reputation for impeccable reconstruction surgery and his unwavering commitment to doing things correctly have earned him respect and admiration.
However, since meeting Sage, he has genuinely desired to know her on a deeper level. He gradually convinces her to embark on a transformative journey to an Outback missionary clinic, leaving behind the familiar city limits she has never ventured beyond.
As they explore the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback, with its exotic wildlife and boundless landscapes, their lives of these two are forever changed.
In this unfamiliar terrain, Sage discovers her true self and experiences the remarkable qualities that set Javin and his parents apart from those she has always known. Their shared inner peace and profound spirituality inspire her to embrace Jesus as her savior.
This captivating story takes readers on a voyage to a world that feels like another place in another time.
The Outback whispers a spirit of compassion, kindness, love, and romance, beckoning the souls who dare to enter its kingdom on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and liberation from worldly desires.

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