Experimental Magics by Alex Evans

For some people, magic is a business. For others, it’s a science. For others… it’s their life.

Discover a captivating world where magic clashes with science and the forgotten become the key to survival.

In a realm where magic was lost for centuries, it suddenly re-emerges, but the world has moved on. New religions have erased ancient knowledge, and humankind relies on coal, steel, and science. Old legends and mythical creatures have no place in this age of machines.

Still, scientists are keen to unlock the secrets of a this mysterious energy, seeking power and profit. Professor Adrienne Imlay, a former outcast raised in the crumbling city of Gandarah, is one of them. Her shamanic gift and haunting memories draw perilous attention to her lab. She quickly becomes entangled in a web of danger involving politicians, werewolves, magic enforcers, and even an ancient god.

As the lines between magic and science blur, Adrienne discovers that both worlds operate by their own set of rules. The most critical of all is: everything has a price.

Embark on a thrilling adventure where the fate of a world hangs in the balance. Will Adrienne unlock the true potential of magic, or will the price be too high? Unravel the mystery and immerse yourself in a tale where the forgotten becomes the key to survival. Dive into this captivating story now!


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