Four Bittersweet Romances & A Four-Act Closet Drama by Lawrence G. Taylor


THE BALLAD OF CALLE AND MAJA: A slice of romantic realism featuring two different interpretations of love. Maja sends crushes to Calle. He is flattered and smitten with Maja, but his fear prevents him from approaching her. They eventually became friends. Maya is involved in an unhappy relationship with Jose and has difficulty ending it. Calle intends to assist her in breaking the spell Jose has cast over her.

TWO GIRLS IN A CAFÉ: A young man is the subject of a contentious discussion between Felicity and Ruth. The two girls, one American and one British, were sitting in a café when they saw the young man walking down the street. They claim to have met him, but their opinions differ, regarding his personality.
Amazon Review: “Contemporary, witty, honest and ironic.”

BINKY’S REVERIE: Binky is a young Caribbean man with a romantic streak, and Linda a young Swede. Following their close friendship in London, Linda invites Binky to Sweden for a holiday. Binky hopes that their friendship to blossom into something romantic. But there are no guarantees in love.

GETTING IT RIGHT, IF EVER: A romantic fantasy tale. Set in the early 70s in two fictitious nations. TeeGee and Vikland. Molly, age 45, invites Benji, age 40, to visit her homeland. Benji is overwhelmed and seizes his first opportunity to travel abroad. Then, one day, Benji sees a woman and becomes besotted with her beauty. His pursuit is anything but typical. What are his prospects?

TELL ME WHO MY ENEMY IS—a four-act closet drama, Berry (an Afro-West Indian) and Gun and Kerstin (two Swedish cronies) are socialising. Sam, the Afro-American in time, barges in on the trio. The two black men express contrasting perspectives on what’s it like to live in Sweden. Berry becomes belligerent towards Sam. The girls are taken aback by the men’s squabbling and animosity towards one another. As time passes, the two Swedes become embroiled in a heated debate


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