Gunny mac Private Detective Trouble in Chinatown by Steven Walker

The author, a former Marine Officer, and historian brings this true story to life.
If you loved movies like Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, private eyes like Sam Spade, Charlie Chan, and Mickey Spillane, you would fall in love with Gunny Mac and his crew of tough, zany detectives in a book that reads like a black and white movie of the 1940s and 1950s.
It’s 1942… the Guadalcanal campaign, and the Marines are fighting to survive.
Roosevelt worried Guadalcanal would fall and the Hawaiian Islands would be open to invasion.
He ordered all the money collected and burned and replaced with money with the word Hawaii written on the back of each bill. Funny money the Japs will not be able to use against us.
Anyone who is someone wants to steal the money before it’s burned.
Gunnery Sergeant Mac…a career Marine…Navy Cross recipient, and hero of Bloody Ridge, is sent to Pearl Harbor to be medically discharged and become the one thing he despises a civilian; lost without his Marine Corps.
Gunnery Sergeant Wojohowitz, Mac’s best friend, is badly wounded and discharged at Pearl Harbor and needs Mac to help him find the one man he needs to kill.
Lt. Alan Burke is a blue blood, spoiled Harvard graduate who seeks redemption and learns from Mac how to be a man.
Lt. McCaffery, a warrior Jesuit priest and padre of the First Marine Division, Navy Cross recipient, badly wounded in the head and leg, joins with Mac and protects him by emptying the Naval Hospital’s psych unit to help them stay alive.
Four wounded veterans…become private detectives… and get caught in the crossfire of corrupt military officers, Chinatown police, and the mafia in the cesspool that is Chinatown!
One last battle… for their friends… and country.


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