Head Above Troubled Waters by Olivia Gaines

Kenji Burrows, seeking refuge in her hometown of Venture Georgia, discovers that her past refuses to stay buried.

Haunted by Luther Pennington, her former client turned relentless stalker, Kenji finds herself trapped in a perilous game of obsession. Determined to shield herself from Luther’s relentless pursuit, she pretends to be engaged to Christopher Flynn, her brother’s lifelong best friend.

As Kenji and Christopher embark on this charade, a tempestuous whirlwind of emotions ensues. Sparks ignite and passions intensify, leading to a captivating tale of forbidden desires and unexpected connections. From the very beginning, Christopher ignites their story with a passionate kiss, setting the stage for an enthralling journey.

“Head Above Troubled Waters” weaves a tapestry of love and redemption against a backdrop of past challenges making a return to their present lives. Kenji’s strength and resilience shine as she confronts her demons and grapples with the consequences of a past she never truly discusses, until now.

Welcome home to Venture, Georgia and getting to know Christopher Flynn.


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