Heroes To The Public Villains To The Law by Marta Nater

In this third and final book novel emerges a new teen villain, Darla. When her father, Shadow Claw, is finally captured, an enraged Darla, unable to help and left with no other choice, makes her way into Africa to seek the help of villain Cora. Upon Cora’s return to New York, law enforcement is faced with Cora’s ruthless wrath again. Cora’s return brings her previous rivals, Jerico, Nina, and Danny, back to the scene.
Cora and her new triple team members from Africa set their eyes on human traffickers. Left with no other options, FBI headquarters sort out prisoner Amadou Khan to help in the capture of the villainess Cora. Commissioner Danny’s adopted sister, scientist, and technologist Julia, joins the fight. A new mafia king leader takes over for the late mafia king. Commissioner Danny’s dark secret from his past is discovered, bringing dire consequences. A familiar face from Nina Dansk’s past returns for her. After receiving an unexpected tip about his parents’ unsolved death, Jericho faces a new betrayal and a rival. Beast Shadow Claw’s true identity is finally revealed.


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