Moonlight Beach by Yurie Kiri

Moonlight Beach – winner Genre Fiction of 2020 Hollywood Book Festival

For readers and fans looking for a crazed adventure, filled with magic, murder, mystery, paranormal activity, organ harvesting, a serial killer, many twists and turns, and many exciting scenarios that all tie together neatly and perfectly for an extraordinary explosive ending, Moonlight Beach by Yurie Kiri is a great place to start! This book is as intense and gripping as it gets, so be prepared to stay up long into the night because you won’t want to put Moonlight Beach down. I promise you that. Moonlight Beach is an incredible story written by Yurie Kiri who is decidedly a talented imaginative writer and brilliant storyteller. Moonlight Beach by Yurie Kiri is an award worthy novel and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.


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