Necessary Decisions by Giacomo Giammatteo

Lonnie Hackett, an out-of-work bricklayer takes a job with a crew of home invaders to earn money to support his family and keep his house. During one of the break-ins, a young boy is badly hurt, causing Lonnie to quit.

Two weeks later, his daughter is mistakenly kidnapped instead of her rich high school friend. While listening to the ransom demand, Lonnie suspects the kidnappers may be the same crew he worked with on home invasions.

He is about to tell Detective Gino Cataldi what he knows, when news arrives that the boy who had been hurt in the home invasion dies. Now Lonnie faces a real dilemma: if he tells the cops what he knows about the home invasion, he could face the death penalty, and if he doesn’t his daughter remains in danger.
Caught in a dilemma that seems to have no satisfactory conclusion, Lonnie decides to work things out himself, so he goes after the kidnappers on his own, but Gino suspects something and follows him, eventually figuring out what Lonnie knows. He forces Lonnie to play by his rules, but the kidnappers seem to be one step ahead of him at all times, causing Gino to rethink his strategy.

In the end, Gino solves the case, but now he faces another quandary. What to do with Lonnie?


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