Prophecy and Allegiance by Dean Matthews

As the land of Aymara spirals towards war, the dark wizard, Kuelack, now ordained as Head of the Sivan council, tightens his grip on Pellagrin’s school, and the surrounding kingdom of Durbah.
Lines are drawn, separating friend from foe, as other powerful individuals at Pellagrin’s, opposed to Kuelack’s all-consuming regime, begin to realise they cannot stand alone, and seek help from associates thought disappeared. Friends become enemies and long-lost individuals thought to be dead become valuable allies.
Aridain Bruin, meanwhile, has procured the shards, having defeated the Dark Taal with ancient magic and the help of the magical creatures of Farend Wood. But now, Aridain, his family and friends face a new challenge, to retain their freedom under Kuelack’s oppressive, ever-tightening grip.
However, a dark menace from the past starts to exert its influence, together with a strange new ally in the form of an ancient diary, and words have power….


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