Stevie Tenderheart Books Backfire by Kodel: (DIY Board Game) Family FUN Game Night Returns! by Steve William Laible

‘Backfire’ wasn’t created in a think-tank or peer reviewed by focus groups or industry giants with top secret, sophisticated, corporate laboratories at their disposal, but rather from the mind of a family man with a creative and innovative thirst for quality time with his boys. ‘Backfire’ is a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Board Game invented by the author—a single dad raising his then, three young sons, Adam, Chase and Kyle.

Family FUN Game Night Returns! It speaks to the truly amazing board game this is. It actually goes beyond fun. It bonds families. The stacking point play is unmatched with anything on the market today. Manufacturing the actual board game was cost prohibitive on his military pension, so he decided to share his prototype here in this book, so other gamers can get in on the fun! Competition & strategies are always keen. No game is ever alike. Each game has a different dimension and a different outcome! ‘Backfire’ is NEVER boring only exciting!!

‘Backfire’ enjoys elegant play with tremendously crafty twists and turns whether using the multicolored game board or flashcards. One minute you are stacking your dice, bridges and overpasses (advanced play) and winning! And then, in the blink of an eye, you lose! How will you know? Everyone is yelling “Backfire.” That’s just the beginning of the end. Players then add their point values (in chips) to the ‘Fools Pot’ deciding whether or not to challenge the pot and win untold riches…‘nuff said.

Beyond being the perfect family board game for decades of fun, ‘Backfire’ is ideal for college dorm life too & military personnel stationed in isolated outposts where recreation & morale are so essential. ‘Backfire’ is the elite MUST HAVE board game when quality family time matters.


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