Sun-Kissed Mountains of Home by Suzanne Catalano

From her home town in New England where she runs an equine therapeutic riding program, Miranda Dunn packs her car and heads west to fulfill a childhood dream and a promise to open an all inclusive therapy riding experience on an authentic working cattle ranch. All she needs is a genuine cattle ranch to make her dreams come true. Ethan Baldwin, a fourth-generation of throw-back cowboys, values doing things the old way. Under the constant threat of urban development and tourism, Ethan aims to protect his family’s ranch, Alma SoƱada, and the small community of Rambletap Springs, MO. Already facing an uphill battle, things intensify when his folks begin working against him, too.
Sun-Kissed Mountains of Home brings together two adversaries who, despite their opposite goals and different backgrounds, find mutual understanding as they work together around horses. Learning to communicate using animals as an example, Miranda and Ethan seek a way to bridge the gap created by their differences.c


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