The Ultimate Cash Cow – Turning Hobbies into Cash: A Pure Profit Technique by Steve William Laible

The author exposes in detail the quiet little industry custom of companies selling your name for profit. Annual [Privacy Notices] explain in fine print, they will be “sharing” (selling) your information.

When was the last time anyone paid you for using your name!? This is the author’s fundamental rallying cry or jumping off point for his book: Reclaim Your Name! The workbook presents a concise yet thorough overview of the mailing list industry then guides you through the necessary steps to begin your professional career as a List Broker or earn reverse residuals. Everything you need to know about starting your online home-based business is provided in this seminal book.

There are no franchise fees or start-up costs. You don’t need a license or degree. You will not hold inventory or otherwise incur debt. Most importantly, there are no capital expenditures or barriers keeping you from implementing this business model today. Viable ‘work product’ reference enclosures & ‘trade secrets’ provide a wealth of knowledge for you to draw upon. These materials, tips and tools of the trade will further illustrate the mechanics of the mailing list industry, the powerful role direct marketing plays in commerce and the integral part you perform as a Broker. This innovative business model is at the threshold of change for the industry. Getting in on the ground floor is beneficial to you inasmuch as it will give you a huge advantage over others as you will already be established & profitable by increasing your market share.Look, if you always do as you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Consider this a sign to shift your stars. You have to do the work. The key is understanding the groundbreaking paradigm shift the author is making. It’s actually quite brilliant.

A better mousetrap if you will. The synergy of this business plan has surprisingly created five (5) income streams for you! You could surpass $500,000+ in pure profits, annually, using these techniques. Obviously, you will achieve more or less based on your level of engagement. Potential income is strictly performance/merit based. Are you business savvy having some aptitude for scaling your business? If you lack business acumen, this may not be the right path for you, unless you can sincerely apply the step-by-step material. Timely and accurate ‘information’ is extremely valuable and sought after by advertisers. Corporations have been selling your name like a “hot potato” for profit for decades, earning them hundreds of millions of dollars.

This book teaches you how to shift those profits to your home-based business instead.Over the past 25+ years of research & study, the author has adapted the corporate business model creating a Home-Based Business Model for you.

Take the first step in securing your financial future. Buy the workbook! Read it three times. It’s only 108 pages. Make notes. Highlight your favorite parts. It’s not boring or complicated but rather entertaining meant to coach & inspire you to wild success. It can change your life. Beyond the author’s writings pay close attention to the (9) Case Studies (1-2 pages) as they put a bow on the material.

They also validate “Proof of Concept” supporting the author’s work. They will give you the insight & confidence needed to implement this business model for success.

The Ultimate Cash Cow – Turning Hobbies into Cash is a pure profit technique.Case Studies Bloomingdale’s, General Motors, Hallmark, Harry & David, Levi Strauss, Omaha Steaks, Travelers, USAA, & Windsor Wines


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