Unforeseen Saskatchewan by Keith Landry

Unforeen Saskatchewan Synopsis

In a world profoundly impacted by the devastating consequences of global warming, “Unforeseen Saskatchewan” weaves a gripping narrative that delves into both the inspiring endeavors of individuals fighting climate change and the bewildering denial of its existence for misguided reasons in the year 2032.

Allan Walker, a seasoned podcaster, embarks on a mission to raise awareness throughout North America about the imminent perils of climate change. His platform becomes a beacon of truth, and he extends an invitation to the brilliant scientist, Dr. Wong, to engage in a critical discussion on climate change. Little does Walker know, Dr. Wong’s visit to Regina serves a dual purpose – not only to address the climate crisis but also to confirm suspicions that Allan Walker is, in fact, the former CNN reporter Dan Weber, a target marked for assassination by powerful climate deniers in the United States, whose motives are purely profit-driven.

At the border shared by Saskatchewan and Montana, a Central American family of five makes a perilous journey to seek refuge. Along their path, they encounter three brothers who are members of a right-wing organization. Tragically, the brothers end the lives of the immigrant family.

Within the heart of Saskatchewan, its people unite to confront the undeniable reality of climate change, ultimately electing a provincial government with a resolute plan and a fervent commitment to combat its looming dangers. This newly elected administration swiftly implements a series of transformative policies aimed at transitioning the provincial economy toward sustainability and embracing the principles of a green economy.

Meanwhile, the Kirks, who once enjoyed a comfortable life in Las Cruces, New Mexico, find themselves compelled to relocate northward to Saskatchewan due to the relentless impacts of climate change. Their journey is rife with challenges and victories, serving as a poignant testament to the human face of climate migration.

As the investigation into the murder of the Central American family unfolds, the sinister plot to eliminate Allan Walker, and the Kirk family’s arduous voyage to Saskatchewan, these seemingly disparate narratives converge into riveting stories set against the backdrop of climate change-induced extreme weather events. The result is a compelling exploration of humanity’s struggle to grapple with the forces of nature, while also battling against the shadowy forces of denial and profit-driven exploitation.


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