Your Brain’s Still Flashing by Jim Lively

After being discharged from Parkland Behavior Health Hospital, all young attorney, Simon Steed wanted was to live a normal life. As word of his mental issues spreads, he cannot even get appointed to represent indigent clients in criminal law cases. Simon’s fortunes appear to have changed when he suddenly gets a phone call from a woman named Veronica Steele, a Highland Park socialite who is seeking to divorce her wealthy husband. Things get mysterious when Veronica reveals that her sister was Simon’s nurse while he was inpatient at the behavior health hospital. The sister recommended Simon because he suffers from the same type of mental illness as Veronica and thought he could relate to her. Simon begins to suspect that Veronica chose him for another nefarious reason. To add to his stress, he starts becoming infatuated with his beautiful enigmatic new next-door neighbor.


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