Brent Ladd

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

Brent Ladd is a successful television commercial director, writer, with hundreds of TV commercials to his name. He is an avid outdoorsman and a Beach Volleyball addict. His work has allowed him to visit some remarkable people and locals around the globe and he loves to include them in his writing.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

Cold Quarry – The duel meaning that fuels the Protagonist, Codi Sanders and follows the plot.

Do you have any unusual writing habits?

Lots and Lots of research

What authors, or books have influenced you?

James Patterson, Mark Greaney, Jack Carr, James Rollins

What are you working on now?

Book 2 of a new series that has adventure and history mixed with a high-speed blender

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?

Ads across Amazon and social

Which Websites you like most to promote your book

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Write a little every day

What are you reading now?

3 Days to Live

What’s next for you as a writer?

A grain of Sand – Historical Adventure

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