Crimson King: The Seven Hungers Book 1 by Morgan Quaid

“Ten years since the Crown pulled my sorcerer’s credentials and exiled me to London. Now a demon king from the third hunger is threatening our world, and the Crown has come knocking on my door. Time to save the world again, but first, I need a shower.”

Censured Crown sorcerer Ambrose Drake is hired to investigate a bizarre emergence in a city halfway across the world from his native London. Drake soon learns that a being from one of the Seven Hungers beneath our world is attempting to cross over. Flanked by his ex-lover and betrayer, Agent Karen Winter and a young acolyte with a severe lack of magical ability, Drake must plunge once more into the depths to save humanity.

The Seven Hungers is a fast-paced fantasy thriller which blends sorcery, horror elements and the exploration of dark new worlds with intense emotional struggle.


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