Grass. Miracle from theceartg by David Campbell Callender

Yes, this is a book about grass.

A lush, green, family of weeds that is fine by us so long as it populates our front lawns, and not the cracks in the sidewalk. Stubbornly resilient and found the world over, grasses thrive in the harshest of conditions and end up in our furniture, our alcohol, and our art. Even its colour — green — is steeped in magic, mythology, and mystery.

We see it every day, tread in it, scent it, maybe plant it. But how many of us really see it — let alone appreciate its incredibly abundant legacy?

Grass is a comprehensive, prize-winning account of that humble sustaining weed: its science, its incredible number of species, its long and complicated evolution, and its place in cultures across the globe. Written for those interested in ecology, in growing things, and in nature alike, this book invites readers to revisit the ordinary with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Tread softly, for you tread on an everyday miracle.


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