OCELLICON: Future Visions by A.G. Russo

OCELLICON is a military science fiction story with elements of legal/detective/mystery/feminist/noir sci-fi. Earth barely survived nuclear battles until the militaries of the world took over from authoritarians. But rebellion was agitating from within. Prosecutor Major Annalisa Farrell, Military Academy honors graduate, war hero, wounded warrior, and child abuse survivor fought to champion justice. An unexpected adversary turned out to be Judge Bennett McCrae, the “Judge Prince.” In his courtroom, the Military, and the general population, he was as popular as Annalisa was hated. Before appearing before Judge McCrae, Annalisa Farrell fought in numerous conflicts, was special ops, and had missions in space where she worked side by side with aliens.

As a “wild child of the tunnels” her extraordinary journey to a position of power was unparalleled. Adoption by General Farrell saved her life and gave her the loving family she never had and a mission as a daughter to be proud of. Suspected of being genetically engineered, unfounded prejudice followed her through the ranks. Though Annalisa learned to control her emotions better than most humans, even relaxed Military standards could not keep some relationships from disaster. Marriage contracts, casual sexual standards, and freedom to pursue multiple partners, could not totally eliminate human passions and obsessions.

An apocalyptic struggle for power and control from within threatened to destroy years of Earth peace and interrupt alliances with other planets, unless the traitors could be discovered and stopped. Aliens distrusted tumultuous human emotions. Answers had to be found before disaster occurred. Could heroic warriors save humans from their own self-destruction?

Content Warning: Please be aware this book includes descriptions of child sexual and physical abuse, military war violence, interpersonal violence, imagined injuries and violence, and death and destruction.

Previously published as OCELLICON Episodes 1-38 on Kindle Vella.


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