Shrink Government: It’s Too Big! by Archie Richards

Hi. I am Archie Richards, author of “Shrink Government: It’s Too Big!” The book is the 2024 winner in the field of politics by the prestigious Pacific Book Awards.

America’s in trouble. Personal income after inflation is dropping. The fastest-growing part of the economy is the national debt. The book gives the reasons.

It calls for the nation’s government sector to be reduced from 40% of the GDP to less than 5%. With the government greatly diminished, the income of most people would rise and the gap between rich and poor would narrow.

Future Americans will refuse to pay off our national debt and will vote out of office legislators who insist on raising taxes to do so. There’s darkness at the end of the tunnel, and the tunnel isn’t all that long. But there’s a way out . . .

Without mentioning Friedrich Hayek, the book explains why the efforts of the Federal Reserve Bank and the World Economic Forum are certain to fail.

Ronald Reagan was correct: Government is not the solution; it’s the problem.


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